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Female Waxing Treatments


Belleza uses Hot Wax for all of our Waxing Treatments. It is an extremely good product and sticks to your hair rather than your skin making the experience much more comfortable than days of old!

Our highly trained Therapists, will talk through the treatment with you prior to starting, answering any questions you may have. You will then be left to get yourself organised and comfortable. The Therapist will return and carry out the waxing quickly and professionally. 

Warm Roller Waxing is a quick and easy method of hair removal that offers an ideal, long lasting alternative to shaving and hair removal creams.Excellent for speedy hair removal from large areas, such as legs, but can be used anywhere so you can enjoy smooth skin for up to six weeks.

Full Leg with Strip Roller wax Inc. Basic Bikini Hot Wax    

Pricing from £30.50 to £33.00

3/4 leg with Strip Roller Wax                                        

Pricing from £20.00 to £21.00

1/2 leg with Strip Roller Wax                                       

Pricing from £16.00 to £18.50

Add onto another service 1/2 leg wax                            

Pricing from £14.00 to £17.00

Add onto another service 3/4 leg wax                            

Pricing from £18.00 to £18.50

Add onto another service full leg wax                             

Pricing from £27.00 to £30.00

Stomach with Strip Roller Wax                                     

Pricing from £10.00 

Forearm to Elbow with Strip Roller Wax                         

Pricing from £15.00 

Forearm to Shoulder with Strip Roller Wax                     

Pricing from £20.00 

Hot Waxing

This revolutionary specialist wax is great for removing stubborn, coarse and short hairs - typical of the bikini, underarm and facial areas. Oil is applied to pre-soothe the skin and create a barrier so the wax doesn’t stick to the skin. These waxes are very pliable and painless for most, removing hair as short as 1mm. This wax is ideal for intimate waxing – such as the Brazilian bikini (where only a landing strip is left) and the Hollywood bikini (where you are completely bare.) Skin is left feeling silky smooth with less chance of irritation.


Basic Bikini with Hot Wax (to the pant line)

Pricing from £16.50 to £17.00

Extended Bikini with Hot Wax (to a high cut pant line)

Pricing from £20.50 

Brazilian Bikini with Hot Wax (leaves a landing strip from top to bottom)

Pricing from £25.50 to £26.50

Brazilian Plus or Hollywood with Hot Wax (leaves very little landing strip or nothing) 

Pricing from £35.50 to £36.50

Underarm with Hot Wax                                               

Pricing from £10.00 


Pricing from £10.00 

Buttocks and Crack   

Pricing from £18.00 



(Pricing Structure is based on expertise and training as we have specialists in various treatments, at all levels from Junior to Senior)

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