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Are you fed up of skin care products that make little or no difference? They claim to have all of these wonderful cures for blemishes / redness / wrinkles etc but in reality, it’s just a marketing gimmick.

Well here at Belleza, we do things a bit differently! We can offer, guide and support you through a skin care regime that will make a difference, because it’s specifically tailored for YOU!

We are extremely excited to announce the latest addition to the Salon - Our Skin Analyser Machine!!!

This is the world’s most advanced skin detection system for analysis and we have it right here in the heart of Inverurie.

The high resolution, 3D automatic facial recognition system allows us to very accurately analyse your skin for the following; sun damage, pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, moisture, elastic, colour and age to name a few.

Our Professionally trained team, will provide you with a full Consultation to determine problem areas and work on a Care Plan to start reversing any issues you may have. Your plan is then reviewed with you every few months and alterations can be made as you move forward.

It’s time to throw away those skin care products, that haven’t actually achieved anything, and get yourself a facialist who can transform your skin, by looking at what lies beneath!

These are the Products and Treatments available from a Scanning Consultation.

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